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Producers of exotic raw fiber, luxurious fleeces,
and exquisite rovings for hand spinners!

The Pygora goat is an extraordinary breed of fiber goat that was originally “created” in Oregon in the mid-1970’s by an inventive woman named Katherine Jorgensen. She wanted an outstanding homestead animal that would produce an exquisitely fine fiber for hand spinning. She bred a National Pygmy Goat Association (NPGA) Pygmy goat, with soft, downy fiber, to an American Angora Goat Breeders Association (AAGBA) Angora goat with long, lustrous, silky fleece, and the Pygora goat was born! The pedigree of the PCA goat may include goats registered in the PCA registry and the Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association (CAGBA), as well.

Cattail Meadows is a Pygora and PCA fiber goat farm located on 15 acres of woods, pasture, and wetland…just 25 miles north of Spokane, Washington near the small town of Deer Park. Our farm is home to a happy herd of PBA registered Pygora goats & PCA registered fiber goats, an adorable sibling pair of Pygmy goats, a very special group of dogs and cats, and three very dignified guard llamas who help watch over everyone. Each of our goats enjoys lush, green pastures for grazing, cozy barns for shelter, and abundant daily doses of love and affection to nurture people-friendly dispositions and ease of handling.

Raising and producing high quality Pygora and PCA fiber goats that produce exquisite, superior quality fleeces for hand spinning is the goal of Cattail Meadows Farm. At Cattail Meadows, we take pride in our herd management practices, and put forth extra effort to ensure the safety, happiness and well-being of each of our goats; they're not merely livestock, but an extension of our family. Our gentle-natured, people-friendly goats come from outstanding lineages, and produce outstanding, award-winning fiber.

Pygoras and PCA fiber goats were an excellent choice for our “small farm vision” because we wanted to raise animals that were smaller in stature, were not raised for human consumption, and did not require high daily maintenance such as milking. We think Pygoras and PCA fiber goats are practically perfect in that they have outstanding temperaments…docile, yet inquisitive and playful. They produce an outstanding usable product, and help keep the pasture growth under control.

Thank you for taking time to visit our Pygora and PCA fiber goat website. We love to talk about our goats and their amazing fleeces...and welcome your questions or comments.


Big Sky Fiber Arts Festival 2011

Cattail Meadows will be at the Big Sky
Fiber Arts Festival
in Hamilton, Montana
the weekend of June 10th-12th!
We will once again have exquisite
natural-colored Pygora roving available
for sale...including 100% Pygora, & blendings with Bombyx Silk & fine
Merino wool...& will also be introducing
our natural-colored rug roving (colorful Pygora hair blended with 20% Romney wool). Our handwoven scarves will also be
on display in the Fiber Arts Showcase!
We're looking forward to this fun, fiber-filled weekend, & hope to see you all there!

Cattail Meadows' Fall Fiber Update

Autumn is nearly upon us, & with the
shorter days & cooler temperatures come those exquisitely soft Pygora fleeces we anxiously anticipate each year! Our fall shearing has already begun, and we've harvested many exceptional fleeces so far. Please check back often for updates on our raw and processed fiber availability, or see our For Sale page for more information.

Kieran, our Pygora wether, is freshly
"blown out" and ready for shearing!

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January10, 2011

2010 Autumn Pygora Fleece Show Champion Doe Fleece &
PBA Grand Champion Fleece...
Cattail Meadows Farm Mira

Our 2010 OFFF PCA Champion wether, CTM Big Boy Dillon,
can be viewed on our
2010 CTM Kid page.
Our spring kids from previous years can be viewed at:
2009 CTM Kids
2008 CTM Kids &
2008 CTM Kids Photo Gallery.

Our herd tests CAE negative

Our 2010
Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival
Show Results

Cattail Meadows Farm had its first Champion win in the OFFF "Other Fiber Goats" Show
with our first born PCA wether,
Cattail Meadows Farm Big Boy Dillon!

Cattail Meadows also had an outstanding
fiber showing at the Autumn Pygora Fleece Show, held in conjunction with OFFF.
We had several big wins, including
PBA Grand Champion Fleece.
Our placements included:

CTM Mira ~ APFS Champion Doe Fleece &
PBA Grand Champion Fleece

CTM Alec ~ APFS Champion Buck Fleece

CTM Kieran ~ APFS Champion Wether Fleece

CTM Tristan ~ APFS Reserve Champion
Buck Fleece

We're extremely proud of all our
award-winning fleeces! They will now be sent
to the processor to be made into
exquisite roving, and will be available for sale in the spring. Please check our For Sale page for
fiber updates, or contact us if you’re
interested in purchasing a particular fleece.

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